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The name says it all: The AYERS WALL is a thoroughly audiophile, flexible wall loudspeaker that you can use as a front, center and surround loudspeaker. You can hang him horizontally or vertically. An uncompromising solution when the floor plan does not allow other options.

    "The bass range is full, but doesn’t seem overemphasized, and the voices are also very well presented." (HiFi-Test.de 03/2021)


    "Despite their flat and compact design, the Ayers Wall [...] deliver a transparent and three-dimensional reproduction with an astonishingly adult bass." (Lite Magazin 03.2021)


  • Room size
    small to large
    wall mounted
    Min. amp power
    from 30 watts
    Max. short term handling
    130 watts
    Frequency Response
    46 Hz - 32 kHz (-10 dB)
    9.0 kg
    Dimensions mm over all
    W 175 | H 334 | D 145

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Audiophile and flexible right on the wall.

Of course, the WALL also follows the INKLANG philosophy. It already plays completely at low volumes and does not become exhausting even after hours of passionate listening. He is specially developed for its position directly on a wall. The rear wall has recesses for cable management for easy installation. Depending on the use and mounting height, you can hang him in all directions.

Despite its low construction depth of around 14 cm, the WALL appears completely adult. It reaches a depth of 46 Hz in the listening room, so that a subwoofer is not absolutely necessary. The middle of the sound image, with voices and solo instruments, fills it with an impressive wealth of detail. Up to the artist taking a breath before the first note from the trumpet sounds. For additional depth, for example in home theatre use, simply add the AYERS Sub.

Light-footed and relaxed, the WALL gives your music passion and power. Exceptionally clear and without showing the slightest harshness, voices and cymbals are crystal clear from the tweeter. Instruments are placed exactly in the width and depth of your room and appear within reach without any effort - extraordinary for a wall loudspeaker.

A special structural situation is not an obstacle to extraordinary sound. Design your individual set now.


The look behind the scenes.

The highest demands on the listening experience under special circumstances require first-class know-how. Let's take a professional look at the AYERS WALL - made in Hamburg:

The WALL works with a 15 cm long-throw woofer, the membrane of which is made of fiberglass-reinforced paper and is held in a particularly stable aluminium die-cast basket. Due to its massive drive and a sophisticated crossover layout, the woofer generates an astonishing lower end frequency of 46 Hz despite the small, closed enclosure and actively uses the acoustic effect of the wall for support. The elaborate ventilation of the magnet system via two flanks reduces compression noises in the woofer to a minimum.

At approx. 800 Hz, the high-end silk dome tweeter takes over the musical events at an early stage. Its size of 30 mm and a high-pass filter with an effective filter steepness of 24 dB / octave enable this early transition and relieve the woofer from the midrange radiation. Since woofers bundle the sound radiation more and more with increasing frequency, this early separation from the tweeter is ideal for the spatial representation of the loudspeaker. This makes the sound image almost holographic and also creates a perfect sound image clearly outside the ideal listening position. The precision-coated textile membrane of the tweeter allows excellent high frequency radiation up to over 20 kHz.

The WALL’s crossover was developed using a real data computer-aided simulation and optimized in terms of linearity, phase addition, distortion behaviour of the drivers and the sound that is typical for INKLANG. Based on the calculated structure of the crossover, a Monte Carlo simulation was carried out in step two in order to calculate a reduction in the crossover components with identical results. A lower number of components reduces the losses and enables the cost savings to be invested in higher component quality.

  • Audio

    Technical Specs

    Frequency Response (-10 dB/0°)
    46 Hz - 32 kHz
    Short term handling (watts)
    Sensitivity dB (1W/1 m)
    Impedance nominal/minimum (Ω)
    Filter (dB)
    18 TW/ 18 WF
    Crossover Frequency
    800 Hz


    1 x 152 mm (6.0″) Woofer
    1 x 30 mm (1.2″) Tweeter

    enclosure concept



    Audio Inputs

    Single-Wire Terminal for
    max. cross section: 8 mm²



    9.0 kg

    Overall dimensions mm (W x H x D)

    175 x 334 x 145

    Operating Environment

    0° C up to 40° C
    no proximity to fireplaces / stoves
    no direct sunlight for hours
  • User Manual

    Ayers Wall



Rich in detail, audiophile and uncompromising, he uses your wall as a sparring partner for top-quality music enjoyment.



Inconspicuous, timeless and calming appearance, as an integral part of your interior design.

Music is more than a pleasant background noise.

It is a world where sound is power and feeling. Joy. Sadness. Liveliness. Immerse yourself in this world.

One of the most popular genres of music ever:
hymns of praise.

Tested and found to be very good.
Again and again.
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