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Even if we have our own ideas of design and quality, acceptance by others is very important to us. First and foremost, of course, this is the response from our customers, with whom we have been in close contact for years. But confirmation from our colleagues and the trade press is also important to us as to whether we are on the right track in our development. As you will see in a moment, we cannot complain of a lack of recognition. It is an incentive for us to keep trying.

11 November 2020

AYERS Two – a very special set designer

Fairaudio 11/2020: “Hopefully my first INKLANG loudspeaker will not be my last. It combines several merits that you would otherwise associate with a floorstanding speaker - namely thrust, the best coarse dynamics, deep and contoured bass as well as realistic representation of large sound sources ...
11 November 2020

Excellent – the AYERS One

Audio Test 08/2020: „Did INKLANG stick to their sound signature with the new AYERS One? The answer is a clear "Yeah!" From the first moment you listen to it. Immediately there is this wonderful, transparent, three-dimensional and natural sound again [...].

02 November 2020

Top class review for Ayers Three

Lite Magazin 11/20: “The INKLANG AYERS Three proves to be graceful with a terrific bass: It delivers a bass that you would not expect from such a slim transducer despite the bass reflex tuning. This is ensured by the woofer positioned on the side of this three-way speaker.

21 October 2020

Highest rating for the AYERS Two

The first review on the AYERS series gives an idea of the enjoyment the new model series promises. "The INKLANG also prove their quality in the listening test, with an extremely plastic, three-dimensional reproduction, these noble sound transducers can also meet high sound requirements.

04 September 2020

An era comes to an end

After five successful years on the market, the INKLANG AdvancedLine is sold out. It has found a home with hundreds of satisfied customers all over Europe and inspires every day with its transparent, airy and detailed sound.

06 April 2020

Fidelity Award 2020: The 13.3 Advancedline

And the winner is - INKLANG 13.3 AdvancedLine: It has already been awarded several prizes. We are all the more proud of the latest award for our 13.3 AdvancedLine with the FIDELITY AWARD 2020 from the renowned Fidelity magazine.

In 2018, the big sister, the 13.4 AdvancedLine, already received this coveted award. We are pleased that we were able to convince the critical editorial team a second time with our product.

12 February 2020

Space and Realism - The 13.4 Advancedline

fairaudio 2/2020: "The INKLANG 13.4 Advanced Line are exemplary neutral tuned loudspeakers that reproduce incredibly precise, lifelike and clear spatial, especially with regard to their price.

The INKLANG 13.4 Advanced Line…

21 August 2019

Accolade for our 17.5 Advancedline

Stereoplay 09/2019: "We were pleased, a heartfelt sound, that had pressure, emotion and upscale linearity. Only a few bars have already convinced us: Here played a European floorstanding speaker of the highest class. [...] We streamed the new album by Ed Sheeran. The mix is noble, sophisticated, especially in 24 bits. Already in the introductory song "Beautiful People" it takes speed and presence - the basic rhythm is clapped, the vocal part appears in the middle of the picture. Since a speaker must be fast and yet elegantly unobtrusive. Exactly these values brought INKLANG. Very finely balanced, we could not get enough from a certain point.

07 August 2019

Holographic Reproduction - The 17.5 Advancedline Referenz

Lite magazin 08/2019: "In the listening room, as always, the first thing is to set up and align the speakers. With INKLANG speakers we have had very good experiences here, the models of the Hanseatic manufactory are uncritical by the bank in the placement. We also experience this with the 17.5: After a small correction of the angle to the listening position, we have reached the target: The reproduction is homogeneous, spatial and size-correct. That did not take even two minutes - editorial record!

22 July 2019

Fairaudio: Exitingly Dynamic - The 17.5 Advancedline

Fairaudio 07/2019: "One of the error-free and in the positive sense the most uncomplicated loudspeaker in the four-digit price range - that's how the Inklang 17.5 Advanced Line could be described as roughly as aptly.

With regard to the bass authority (without any intrusiveness), long-term suitability (without artificial softening), organic midst (without cosmetic tricks) as well as tonal over all neutrality, the 17.5 are so grown up, tuned to music and "honest”, as it is anything but commonplace in their already sophisticated price range. The INKLANG 17.5 Advanced Line are characterized by ...

03 June 2019

Fidelity - Absurdly deep reaching bass fundament

"Measured by the entry-level prices of some high-end manufacturers INKLANG offers in terms of design and processing an effort that is unique in conjunction with the high degree of customization - there are also the competitors not with. [...] The construction of the incredibly heavy cases in relation to the elegantly slim look is also very impressive - almost a hundredweight brings both boxes onto the scales.

Although the 13.3 thanks to its mechanical structure and the sophisticated choice of chassis allows an exemplary holographic room image, but this requires an electrically stable partner. [...]

11 March 2019

Reference Class - The 13.2 Advancedline F.A.Z.-Edition

Lite Magazin 03/2019: "The hand-crafted 13.2 AdvancedLine F.A.Z. Edition is simply equipped with the currently best possible drive: the reference crossover 2.0. A unique variant, which is only available in the models of the F.A.Z edition. Anodized knurled feet and an edition logo of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, lasered onto the connecting panel, join the maximum equipment in the technology.

The detailed examination is followed by the hearing test [...]. In "Babel" the speed of the 13.2 is really clear. What begins with keyboard and synthesizer will soon be put on electronic and spherical sounds. The great power is then clear by the gradually emerging from the background bass.

23 January 2019

Echo Jazz Award Winning, Arne Jansen

In addition to the trumpet player and ECHO Jazz winner Nils Wülker, Arne Jansen is already the second professional musician to become a client due to the neutrality and detail resolution of our speakers. For us, these customers are a reference because they are proven experts in music production, which our speakers will later reproduce. They know, like no other, how their music sounds when it is made, and whether our speakers authentically reproduce it.

01 December 2018

Fairaudio tests the 13.3 Advancedline F.A.Z.-Edition

The INKLANG 13.3 AdvancedLine are very serious loudspeakers, which dispenses with any showmanship whatsoever. Yes, maybe even the highest all-over-neutrality speakers I have ever come across in this price range - free of any airs. The INKLANG 13.3 Advanced Line are characterized by ...

12 October 2018

Inklang F.A.Z.- Edition

In cooperation with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) we are presenting readers and our customers with three exclusive F.A.Z. edition models. These are now available exclusively in the online shop of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "F.A.Z. Selection".

From our product range the high-end bookshelf loudspeaker 13.2, as well as the floor loudspeakers 13.3 and 17.5 AdvancedLine were selected.

11 October 2018

Excellent - The 17.5 Advancedline F.A.Z.- Edition

In keeping with the launch, the AUDIO TEST is testing the 17.5 AdvancedLine F.A.Z. edition with the brand new ReferenceUpgrade 2.0. This is worth more than just a recommendation to the editors:

"There it is again: This wonderfully open and tidy reproduction of the 17.5 AdvancedLine. In fact, INKLANG tops itself here.

09 October 2018

The 10.3 Advancedline is graded with 1,1 - TOP CLASS

Lite Magazin 09.10.2018: „The INKLANG 10.3 AdvancedLine should inspire audiophile in the smallest possible space - and the graceful two-way-speaker succeeds very well. It delivers the INKLANG typical, clear, transparent and firm sound, but thanks to its bass-reflex tuning, this speaker has an amazing bass capacity for its size.

11 April 2018

Fidelity Award Winner 2018

And the winner is – the INKLANG 13.4 AdvancedLine: Our 13.4 AdvancedLine has been awarded with the FIDELITY AWARD 2018 by the renowned Fidelity magazine.

“Tailor-made speakers not just for the well-heeled! Probably no other manufacturer offers as many customisation options as the Hamburg manufacture INKLANG: from the colour to crossover-network to accessories, at INKLANG the customer has a lot to contribute.

One of the most popular genres of music ever:
hymns of praise.

Tested and found to be very good.
Again and again.
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    An excellent product combined with a great and approachable service. I felt really well consulted at all times … and then there the sound.

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    Service, delivery and product perfect.

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    Fantastic loudspeakers, very obliging service in the showroom at Stilwerk. Fully satisfied.

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    Quick, easy and professional.

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    Great speakers. My question were answered quickly and extensively even on the weekend.

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    Very good consultation, excellent speakers with great value for money and fast delivery. I can only recommend it.

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    Everything went well, from the order to the delivery. They even sound noticeably better at home than during the sound check at Stilwerk :-)))

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    INKLANG is a shop where you not only get a great product, but also feel very welcomed. Friendly and binding …

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    The whole buying-experience was a pleasure. The communication was good, all my wishes were taken into account and two wonderful speaker were delivered in the given time.

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    Hereby, I’d like to tell all future customers that I’m very happy with my 13.2 loudspeakers. It’s not “just” the listening experience …

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    Very good consultation, excellent speakers with great value for money and fast delivery. I can only recommend it.

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    The loudspeakers are top class for their size. Mozart’s floating, Verdi’s choir appears to be in the room and Jimi Hendrix performs a personal concert in the living room …