07 August 2019

Holographic Reproduction - The 17.5 Advancedline Referenz

Lite magazin 08/2019: "In the listening room, as always, the first thing is to set up and align the speakers. With INKLANG speakers we have had very good experiences here, the models of the Hanseatic manufactory are uncritical by the bank in the placement. We also experience this with the 17.5: After a small correction of the angle to the listening position, we have reached the target: The reproduction is homogeneous, spatial and size-correct. That did not take even two minutes - editorial record!

In the setup we let Tom Jones help us again [...]. No sooner did Jones catch his breath and sang his introductory words, "When I close my eyes." The 75-year-old Welshman stands in the listening room with his skin and hair - but now even more plastic, even more tangible. We also hear every gentle breath, every slight sound of the opening lips, the slight trembling in the voice at the end of the vocal phrase [...]. This touching recording lets us forget everything around us and at some point we realize that we even stopped breathing.

The wunder crossover holds what INKLANG promises: with the ReferenceUpgrade 2.0, the 17.5 Advanced Line plays better in all respects. The three-way speaker shines with an even finer resolution, it achieves a plus in the richness of detail, the already extremely spatial image is now almost holographic. However, the power and control of the playback are particularly impressive - and the incredible dynamics with which the 17.5 well-produced recordings make the listening experience. But this speaker does not create an artificial spectacle, the playback remains natural-realistic and cultured even with the reference crossover.

There are a number of options for this customizing speaker to help you configure your desired speaker - the crossover upgrade 2.0 should be one of those options.

You can read the full review in german here.

(The AdvancedLine models expired in summer 2020.)

Eine der beliebtesten Musikrichtungen überhaupt: Lobeshymnen.

Getestet und für sehr gut befunden.
Immer wieder.
  • Frank M. aus Karlsruhe

    Inklang Advanced Line 13.3: Aussergewöhnlich musikalisch, custommade und sehr chice! Hervorragende Online-Beratung, Lieferung der Lautsprecher schneller als zugesagt. Sehr empfehlenswert!

  • C A. aus Verden

    Beeindruckt hat mich die gute Beratung, der concise Service. Alles war auf den Punkt da und von hervorragender Qualität. Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bedanken! Dieses Projekt hat uns wirklich Spass und Freude bereitet.

  • Herbert L. aus München

    Hatte mir einen Probe Weekender bestellt. Telefonische Beratung war kompetent und sehr freundlich. Problemlose Lieferung und Abholung.

  • Michael B. aus Braunschweig

    Fachkundige und ehrliche Beratung in allen Segmenten des Heimkinos. Kein aufdringliches verkaufen. Man bekommt das was man benötigt, um sich seinen Wunsch zu erfüllen. Möchte man mehr, so obliegt es einem selbst das zu entscheiden. Sowas ist selten.

  • Edgar B. aus Großensee

    Ich kann nur sagen, in jeder Hinsicht High End. Tausend Dank an Herrn Thomas Carstensen und sein Team.