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Even if we have our own ideas of design and quality, acceptance by others is very important to us. First and foremost, of course, this is the response from our customers, with whom we have been in close contact for years. But confirmation from our colleagues and the trade press is also important to us as to whether we are on the right track in our development. As you will see in a moment, we cannot complain of a lack of recognition. It is an incentive for us to keep trying.

25 april 2023

Reference class – AYERS One Wireless

Lite Magazine 04/2023: "The AYERS One Wireless delivers a top performance in HiRes quality: equipped with powerful Class D amplifiers, sound processor and wireless module, the compact customizing speaker offers a reproduction that shines with great noise freedom and purity, outstanding plasticity, excellent spatial representation and superb dynamics. The adult and yet contoured bass is also impressive. All these merits plays the active two-way speaker in conjunction with the optional HD 10 Stream Connect also wireless.

30 september 2022

AYERS Sub – great calm and abysmal depth

HIFI.DE 08/2022: “The subwoofer is a cube with an edge length of almost 37 centimeters and appears quite bulky not only next to the dainty wall speakers. And with a delicate weight of 28 kg and two bass drivers mounted in a push-push arrangement, it will inevitably command your respect.