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REGA Planar 6 incl. Ania MC system and NEO
Incl. 19% VAT, incl. Shipping Cost
  • New chassis with an extremely light foam core
  • New high pressure laminate with scratch-resistant surface
  • NEO power supply
  • Equipped with the new EBLT drive belt as standard
  • New, double-layer platter with one layer of clear and one layer of tinted glass
  • Specially made aluminum sub-platter
  • Specially developed, high-precision drive pulley
  • Ultra-low friction brass bearing (patented)
  • Handcrafted precision tonearm RB330 with a special counterweight made of stainless steel
  • New high-performance 24 volt low-noise synchronous motor
  • Each motor is set by hand to its own NEO power supply to ensure the lowest possible vibration
  • New, tinted dust cover
  • New planar aluminum feet
  • Available in 'Polaris Gray': matt surface with high-gloss black polymer edge
  • Ania MC system pre-assembled
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 120 x 448 x 365 mm

The Planar 6 builds on the great success of the RP8 and RP10 turntables. It is the first Rega record player that could be constructed with an ultra-light Tan-Cast 8 polyurethane foam base. This material is inserted between two layers of HPL. HPL is exceptionally thin, but extremely rigid. The Planar 6 has a new 24 V motor that is matched to the NEO power supply, which is also new. It uses the RP10 DSP (Digital Signal Processing Generator). The DSP generator also generates an almost perfect sinusoidal waveform and therefore excellent synchronization.

Delivery Time: 3 - 4 days / with your speakers

Weight: 5,200 kg