11 November 2020

AYERS Two – a very special set designer

Fairaudio 11/2020: “Hopefully my first INKLANG loudspeaker will not be my last. It combines several merits that you would otherwise associate with a floorstanding speaker - namely thrust, the best coarse dynamics, deep and contoured bass as well as realistic representation of large sound sources - with the "fillet pieces" of small two-way concepts: great, well-sorted stage, excellent manifestation of phantom sound sources .

It has a tonally neutral effect across the entire frequency range, but adds a minimal dash of warmth and earthiness - and thus ensures an overall full-bodied, but clean and mostly well-resolved sound. 

  • Tonally neutral over long stretches, but not strictly monitoresk, but balanced, somewhat sensual - and above all suitable for the long term.
  • The bass is profound and would also do credit to a similarly praised floorstanding speaker.
  • The middle band appears natural and pleasant, with a subliminal pinch of warmth, acoustic instruments and voices are reproduced coherently across the entire band. Decent resolution, but there is still more in the price range.
  • The heights are perfectly balanced, never tip over into the hard, hissing, but are also not overcast. The super high tone is illuminated a little more discreetly.
  • Turn-on, thrilling coarse dynamics - like a floor-standing speaker! The fine dynamics are price class appropriate.
  • The stage representation is a real cream piece: It goes a little way towards the listener, but also illuminates well in depth. Sound sources are placed realistically and accurately. The cherry on top of the cream is the far above average and believable central manifestation of phantom sound sources.
  • Thanks to the bass reflex port radiating to the front, it is uncomplicated to set up and also works close to the wall."

Read the full review with Google Translate here. To the Ayers Two model overview.

Eine der beliebtesten Musikrichtungen überhaupt: Lobeshymnen.

Getestet und für sehr gut befunden.
Immer wieder.
  • Frank M. aus Karlsruhe

    Inklang Advanced Line 13.3: Aussergewöhnlich musikalisch, custommade und sehr chice! Hervorragende Online-Beratung, Lieferung der Lautsprecher schneller als zugesagt. Sehr empfehlenswert!

  • C A. aus Verden

    Beeindruckt hat mich die gute Beratung, der concise Service. Alles war auf den Punkt da und von hervorragender Qualität. Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bedanken! Dieses Projekt hat uns wirklich Spass und Freude bereitet.

  • Herbert L. aus München

    Hatte mir einen Probe Weekender bestellt. Telefonische Beratung war kompetent und sehr freundlich. Problemlose Lieferung und Abholung.

  • Michael B. aus Braunschweig

    Fachkundige und ehrliche Beratung in allen Segmenten des Heimkinos. Kein aufdringliches verkaufen. Man bekommt das was man benötigt, um sich seinen Wunsch zu erfüllen. Möchte man mehr, so obliegt es einem selbst das zu entscheiden. Sowas ist selten.

  • Edgar B. aus Großensee

    Ich kann nur sagen, in jeder Hinsicht High End. Tausend Dank an Herrn Thomas Carstensen und sein Team.